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EMC NEWS – from around the world.

Below you will see the EMC News headlines that we have collected from around the world

New Cutting-Edge Laboratory Opens in Senai, Malaysia
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UK to retain EU safety mark.
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TÜV Rheinland North America Forges Strategic Partnerships
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EMC Society Announces the Fall 2023 Distinguished Lecturer Series
The IEEE EMC Society Announces the Fall 2023 Distinguished Lecturer Series Starting with Dr. Robert Johnk! ……..read more.
UK Market Conformity Assessment Bodies Update
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New responsibilities for Manufacturers outside the EU.
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UL Solutions EMC laboratory expansion plans go ahead
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EMC & CI 2024 Show has New Organising Team
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EMC Standards

EMC standards can help electrical and electronic manufacturers introduce the right testing procedures to ensure their products operate safely and effectively, maintaining full EMC. It is surprising, even to us, how complex EMC Standards can be.

All standards are created by International (eg IEC}, Regional (eg European) and National (eg Britain) committees. In many cases the International standard is “adopted”, without change by the Regional and National committees.

EMC standards are alloted into three primary groups – Commercial., Military and Aerospace.. Within these groups there are subgroups as follows:-

Commercial – In this group there are Generic Standards, Generic Emission standards, Generic Immunity standards, Environment standards, Functional Safety standards, Product/Product Family standards and finally some national standards from the USA.

Military & Aerospace.. – These standards are no less complex, however we know of no truly International standards in these fields (probably for obvious reasons.) Concerning Military Standards, since the USA is the major western power it is understandable that US Mil Stds dominate. In the Aerospace field there is a significant level of cooperation between the USA and Europe.

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